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Open Night!

Well. It’s here. Opening night. Weeks of rehearsal, preceded by months of prep, preceded by years of writing and developing… And it’s all come to tonight…Opening Night. I wish I could say that I’m nervous…and probably if you caught me at a still moment, I admit the truth, but I feel like I have all […]

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Umbrella…the previews…

Last night, I saw the final dress run of my show Umbrella…It went great. The show looks great, the direction is great, the actors are great. (That’s Christa Kimlicko Jones in the photo, she plays Helen.) I’m really proud of this show, I hope you can all come and see it. Tonight’s the night…tonight we […]

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I’m Getting Rid of My Bundle of Kent…

So…as long time readers of this blog might remember…I have a syndrome. But to catch up those long time readers…I’ll explain…so you don’t have to read again. I have what’s called WPW Syndrome. Basically, the heart has an electrical system that regulates the beating of the heart. I have an extra one…and according to Wikipedia […]

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