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First draft done.Off my plate.Onto other projects. Let’s see if I have to do any rewrites! In the meantime…I start doing a Clown Workshop this weekend. I’m all excited and nervous. Terri fed really. Clowning, and we’re not talking your Birthday Party clowning, demands complete honesty of a performing. And trust that the Heavens will […]

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So…a TV movie for Pakistan…PART FOUR!!!!

A draft is done.Lordy.Now.Editing.Because…it’s a pretty crappy first draft…but…well…it’s a first draft.

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Alright…Part 3…I’m Writing a Pakistani TV Movie…*sigh*

Well. Here we are again. Me writing about writing…rather than off and doing the writing. There’s something a little sick about that I suppose. The Update: I think I’ll have a finished draft done by the end of this week…that is if I don’t start obsessively blogging. (And given my track record, I doubt that’ll […]

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