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Good TV versus Great TV.

I think it’s easy to tell the difference between Bad TV and Good TV. It’s simple. You don’t watch Bad TV. It bores you. It’s not funny. You don’t remember what happened last week. It’s Bad. But what about the difference between Good TV and GREAT TV? That’s a little harder. You watch both. Both […]

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Man. What am I gonna blog about today? I guess it’s responsibility.

I am in a crappy mood. That about sums it up. Crappy. I don’t want to air dirty laundry. I don’t want to be that guy. I rarely like those guys–sure, I read and follow them, but, doesn’t mean I like them, sure, I like the gossip, but don’t…eh…– I don’t want to be the […]

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Enthusiasm. And…

Let’s talk about enthusiasm. I need to be enthusiastic about what I’m writing. I need to really be excited to be at the keyboard. Because, it’s a struggle sometimes. It’s been a struggle writing THIS blog. Because sometimes, I’m not enthusiastic. Ok. A LOT of the time.   It’s a funny thing… I’m a writer, […]

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