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I really should be Writing NOW….

For the past year, I’ve been operating under this philosophy…. I should be writing because there is certainly someone else out there hard at work. I’ve said it before… this is a marathon, not a race. And that means every I’m NOT at the computer or with pen and paper or thinking about material, I’m […]

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Patriot… the TV kind….

I was at a seminar last night. Matt Nix from Burn Notice, David Schulner from Kings, and Peter Tolan from Rescue Me. It was an event sponsored by 826LA, a non profit dedicated to helping school children with writing. This was a seminar about TV writing and it was for writers. And it was great. […]

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Ah… the past… was it all that we thought it was?

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Neeyat, behind the scenes…

A video of the behind the scenes of my serial, currently being shot in NYC. Some is in English, some is in Urdu. And no, I have no idea what scene they are shooting… And, there’s lots of talk of cricket…. sorry.

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My last few TV projects have been mysteries. Which has been a challenge for me. While I am a fan of both mystery/crime shows and novels, it’s mostly because of the characters. The characters drive my interest. Second to that? How the story is told. Either the language (check out Chandler for fantastic metaphors and […]

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