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CopLawyerDoctor show

On Friday, I had a meeting. I’ve been having them lately. They feel good. It means people are liking my work. Which is always a great compliment. These meetings have been with executives, in preparation for the development cycle. At least, I suspect. In essence, I think these meetings have been about seeing whether or […]

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More pages… the experiment

Alright. It’s been some time. I was working on something else. Which isn’t the best thing. I do that a lot. Work on multiple things at any one time. It’s fine if I have a real strong idea of the shape and structure of the piece, but, if I don’t, when I come back, it’s […]

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2nd Sundays… what did you do last weekend?

I don’t know about you. But, sometimes, I’m a frustrated writer. Because, writing is hard. (As one can see from my slightly up and down work on my new play…) I sometimes really don’t like writing. (as one can see from my… yeah…) One of the reasons writing sucks (and it does) it’s because it’a […]

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The experiment rolls on….

Alright. A treat. For you? Or for me? I don’t know. But. We continue on. I wrote what I would consider the opening scene of the play. I’ve decided the “main” character probably won’t appear in the play. Let’s see how that works for awhile. Anyway. I wrote an opening scene. It came out quickly. […]

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The experiment continues…

I’ve been thinking about the play. I agree, maybe it shouldn’t have Jimmy (or whatever his name will be) the writer in it. One of the reasons I’m writing it, sometimes, when things are hard as a writer, you complain, and your friends say “Just stick to it! Don’t quit!” like your success is important […]

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