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Guest Blog: Eric Loo-The Rules are the Same (or Writer’s Amnesia)

Here we are again.  Another guest blog entry.  And I’m very excited about this one.  This one is from a NEW writing friend, Eric Loo.  He is a fellow member of the Playwrights Union.  Recently, he and I were out and about in lovely West Hollywood, to chat.  I was struggling with a new spec […]

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Wrote a play last week. How did that happen?

I was there. I shouldn’t be surprised. But, I kind of am. Because, frankly, it was HARD. It was HARD to write a play. I hadn’t written one in over a year. Been mostly focusing on writing TV specs and a web script. And those are very different beasts. They require a different way of […]

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Guest Blog: Brett Neveu–How Not To Relate

Hello, everyone, Larry here. From time to time, I am turning over my blog to a guest writer to hear their thoughts on, well, writing. Sometimes it’s going to be things that I selfishly want to know more about, and other times it’s going to be something that is on that writer’s mind. First up, […]

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Superman, Green Lantern and…

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything fun… and this was the favorite of the silly videos I’ve seen this week. Check out MORE of The Daly Show. Very funny.

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So… where was I? Right. Rewriting. And rewriting. And before that, probably rewriting. I feel like I’ve been rewriting for months now. Sure, the work IS actually getting better, I can’t slag off on rewriting as a concept, but… there has to come to a point when I can say: I’m finished. …Right? I’m working […]

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