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Letting Go, the blog that was late…

This blog is late.  I know it.  My goal is to have a new blog by me done and out every Wednesday morning by 8 am.  I generally have it written the night before.  But, not this week.  This week I’m a little bit behind.  And that’s OK.  (Or at least that’s what I’ve been […]

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Guest Blog: Jenny Connell–Talking About Your Work

On of the most difficult things for me as a writer is talking about my work in a clear and professional way.  For whatever reason, when someone asks me to tell them about my work, I choke.  I can mumble a few words out about “character driven” or “mixing comedy and drama” but ultimately, that doesn’t […]

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Under The Influence

I have to admit.  I’m struggling.  I’m working on a new play.  Rewrites of a new play.  A play that I wrote as a part of the Playwrights Union  writing challenge, where we have to write a play in a month.  And BOY did I write a play.  I did.  I cranked it out.  I was […]

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