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New year…Proflecting

A new year. And, of course, it’s also that time we look back and judge what we’ve done. Who knows why we need to make a list of the things we’ve done or failed to do. But we do. We reflect. I want to PROflect. Spell check tells me there is no such word as […]

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Trash it v2

They-whoever they are-tell you to listen to your instinct. BUT when your instinct tells you to throw it away, delete the work, THEY say that’s just the evil editor voice in your head and you shouldn’t listen. How do they know the difference? How are they able to hear the voices in my head? AND […]

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Gr. That’s the sunRISING..? Ugh.

I’ve been seeing the sun rise a whole lot more lately.  More than I really planned on.  I don’t MIND the morning per se.  But, I like the sort of bright shining mornings where you go to breakfast with your wife and child.  Not the sort of mornings where you get up after hearing the […]

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