2nd Sundays… what did you do last weekend?

I don’t know about you. But, sometimes, I’m a frustrated writer. Because, writing is hard. (As one can see from my slightly up and down work on my new play…) I sometimes really don’t like writing. (as one can see from my… yeah…) One of the reasons writing sucks (and it does) it’s because it’a a solitary activity.

You have to do it alone. Maybe with one other person (and that’s really hard). You have to sit at the computer, or pen and ink if you’re a Luddite and do the work. But then… what?

Well. You can pass it around to friends. Have them give you notes. Which can work. You can get great notes. But, still. That’s boring. And still solitary.

What’s more fun? A reading. A reading with actors. To hear your script. Actors putting words in their mouths… Man. You’ll learn a lot. I’m a writer who is in big favor of readings. Even if it’s your friends in your apartment or home, do that.

However. There’s another solution. (Put’s Plugging Hat on.) The 2nd Sunday Script Reading Series. Deepti Gupta and Carrie Anne James started it just under a year ago. Once a month a new screenplay is read… Except for this past Sunday. This past Sunday was a Comedy Sunday. Four scripts were read. Each in a different place of development, each a different genre of comedy. It was so much fun. Like, who wouldn’t want to spend four hours reading funny scripts?

What’s great about the series is the attitude of the people attending. People have been good. Really good with feedback. People have been able to give what the author has needed to take the next step towards making a great next draft. (And, so far, no asshole has shown up just to trash a script. Not helpful.) And I think that’s because of Deepti and Carrie Anne’s goals: it’s about helping the writer and increasing everyone’s network. It’s about meeting people over the work that we want to do…

So, if you’re in the LA area on a 2nd Sunday of the month… come and check out a brand new script.

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