And, the rewrite is done…

….The rewrite is done.

But, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Reading it back before going in and doing the rewrites, it was better than I thought it was while I was writing it. Beckett sounded more like Beckett than I thought. A few cuts here and there and giving her some of the lines I had given others beefed up her part and made her, you know, the lead in her own show.

But the mystery. The mystery. Is it because I know the end as I’m moving forward? That’s why it doesn’t feel like a strong mystery? I don’t think it’s super twisty turny, I’m not sure. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not. I’m not sure how to solve that problem. This is an admission: plotting isn’t always my strong suit.

But, the characters, ah, the characters, the ones that I created, I think they are good, I think they are fun, I think actors would love to play these roles.

So, what’s next? Crap. I don’t know. That’s where I am in rewrites. I am now deep with in it so I don’t have a clear vision of what to do next.

This always happens. And I hate it. You get so invested in the details, the lines or what a character does, you lose sight of the bigger picture. Best thing for that… take a break. Walk away. Read a book (who does that anymore?) Watch a movie. Get your head back on straight. Come back to the script, remembering, you need to tell a story. Through character. Through plot. But, ultimately, you need to tell an engaging story.

ps: a thought just occurred to me…. mysteries themselves don’t work after you know who did it. (Or in the case of Columbo, you know how he catches the bad guy.) So, why do we reread or rewatch mysteries… it’s the characters. It always comes back to the characters…

Anyway. I’m gonna go read a book. Get my head back on straight.

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