Another day. More pounding of the keyboard.

Just wrote a bunch of stuff. But, it was a little self serving. No. Self medicating.

I’m in the middle of writing a 20 episode Pakistani serial which has a mid-December deadline, literally in the middle. And I have to write a lot of pages a day. Which means less time to do other things: like see the sun.

I watched this great documentary the other day: Tales from the Script. It’s interviews with screenwriters working (or not) in Hollywood. It’s great. Well, if you’re a nerd like me, it’s great. Anyway. I noticed each of them had circles around their eyes. And I totally understand that.

My day is spent at the computer. Staring at the computer. And hopefully I’m done by 6, if I’ve been good, or sometimes by 8, if I’m slow, or by 10, if I’ve been really lazy. There are a certain number of pages I HAVE to get done in a day. And if I don’t get them done, I’ll have to do them tomorrow. And I don’t want to do them tomorrow. I have to do them today.

Now. I’m lucky. I get to get up and go to the computer. I don’t have a day job. This is my job. And that’s pretty lucky. I really should shut the hell up and write the pages. But, who doesn’t complain about their job? I bet even the President turns to someone and says, “holy hell, my job sucks.” Maybe he just whispers that to the portraits of the Presidents.

President Obama: Holy Hell, my job sucks.
President Lincoln (rolling eyes): Yeah, tell me about it.

That’s kinda how it’s for me. My complaints are generally met with: that is so cool, you’re writing a SERIAL. Which I think means they are missing the point.

But, in reality, I’m missing the point. I’m writing a serial. And getting paid. I really should shut the hell up.

Ok. Enough. Got work to do. Which is important. You have to do the work. Which today means about ten pages of a serial and then some serious work on a pilot (or two) for my career here in the US.

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