Back patting…

It’s hard to do, but I’m going to do it.

I’ve been working on a new spec. Another original idea (always be writing). I talked with my manager about the idea for the show, which she liked, and which I love, but then, with the actual PLOT of the first story, she wasn’t so enthusiastic. (And… I think I have to admit, while I liked the IDEA of the first story, I was having some troubles… which sorta means I wasn’t enthusiastic about it either.)

So, it was back to the drawing board.

And I made it a FAST drawing board. I rewrote the whole thing in 4 days. Back. Patting. Now. I’m pretty happy with that. I wrote the first 4 acts in two days and then muddled through the last 2 in two days. KA…POW.

It’s riddled with typos. A few untidy plot points. Perhaps some abrupt reveals. But. It’s done. A first draft. Something to dig in and really rework. The characters are there, the ideas are there, and that’s exciting to me.

And I didn’t feel bad about chucking the 60 pages I already finished. 1. I still have a copy and 2. If this was a weekly show I would have to come up with new stories every week ANYway. There’s no point in creating a show, especially an episodic, that only works with ONE story.

That’s what felt REALLY good. That I COULD come up with another story so quickly, and one that was still personal for the main character. And in SOME ways it was a better story to introduce the main character and the supporting cast…

I’m feeling pretty good.

Next: back to rewriting my Castle spec… remember that? GR!!!

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