Sometimes I’m lousy with titles and so today is one of those days.

When I’m working on something I either come up with the title right away or spend weeks, months on coming up with the right title.

And sometimes, I just settle. I don’t know if titles make a play/movie/story or not. Perhaps. I think they hook but I don’t think they reel in an audience. A title can stop someone from moving on, but if the story sucks, a great title won’t save it.

Anyway. That’s just an lengthly explanation of why I have no title for this entry.

It rained, I tried to work out, had a meeting, ate at Chipotle, and now, finally arrived home, just in time to watch People’s Court. Mmm. People’s Court. Where people have there disputes settled. I feel like an expert in the law because of it. The prime lesson: always always have something in writing.

And, on a final note…to make this entry COMPLETLY a mish mash with no sort of focus–it’s that sort of day, sorry…I need to say something about the previous blog entry.

My wife was not stingy with her internet connecting phone. She was quite generous, in fact, allowing me to use it to blog on the bus. Then, she read the blog and didn’t find the idea that I had to get the phone back in order to write more–in some sort of dramatic banter battle–funny. She thought me making her the tough mean wife for comedic effect a cliche and that I could do better.

But the secret is…I can’t. Sigh.

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