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Trash it v2

They-whoever they are-tell you to listen to your instinct. BUT when your instinct tells you to throw it away, delete the work, THEY say that’s just the evil editor voice in your head and you shouldn’t listen. How do they know the difference? How are they able to hear the voices in my head? AND […]

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I am SOOO mean to myself

I had a little bit of a meltdown yesterday. It started at the computer. And grew from there. We’re talking stomping around the house, hiding in the bed sort of melt down. Eventually, I was able to crawl out of my own wreckage, but there were bruises. And some bleeding. I think I broke a […]

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Gr. (Please, help me help you, give me a synopsis…)

So, I’m reading scripts for a competition. The competition requires a twenty page sample. They don’t say WHAT twenty pages, true. And that’s cool. Any twenty pages from a play, I’m cool with that. Now, personally, I would do the FIRST twenty pages. These are the pages that introduce the audience to the world of […]

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