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Guest Blog: Monet Hurst-Mendoza–Age is just a number…. right?

I first met Monet Hurst-Mendoza as an intern at The Dramatists Guild.  I want to call her the sassiest intern that I have ever met, but I don’t think that would do her justice.  I’ll give you one of my favorite moments, and I hope that she’s embarrassed by this.  One of my bosses asked […]

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Guest Blog: Jeff Goode–A Season of All Original Work

I’ve known Jeff for years… we both come from a No Shame background… No Shame, as Jeff will talk about, was a sort of open mic thing for theater people at the University of Iowa.  Every Friday night, new material was put up–most times, script in hand.  As a young playwright/performer it was an invaluable education in […]

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Guest Blog: Dorothy Fortenberry–How Not to Hate Everybody

Dorthy Fortenberry is a ray of sunshine.  So, that’s why I am so shocked to find out that she hates.  Shocked.  Ok, not really.  I hate often.  Well, my hate is in the shape of intense jealousy.  And Yoda knows where that can lead.  I think it’s a natural part of the business, unfortunately.  As the […]

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Guest Blog: Jenny Connell–Talking About Your Work

On of the most difficult things for me as a writer is talking about my work in a clear and professional way.  For whatever reason, when someone asks me to tell them about my work, I choke.  I can mumble a few words out about “character driven” or “mixing comedy and drama” but ultimately, that doesn’t […]

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Guest Blog: Montserrat Mendez–Networking

I’ve known Montserrat, or Mozz to his friends for years now.  I met him at the Manhattan Theatre Source, and he was ALWAYS good at connecting with people.  He knew people.  He chatted people up.  (He was a bit of a flirt.)  He’s also a talented writer, that helps.  But, as we all know, writing […]

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