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Guest Blog: Ruth McKee–Enjoy The Writing

 Ruth McKee does a LOT.  Like, a lot a lot.  We are both members of the Playwrights Union as well as the Katselas Theatre Company’s Playlab.  I had known her for about a year, but when she introduced herself to the Playlab and started mentioning all of the things she does… (writer, teacher, literary manager, […]

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I missed a deadline… Nuts.

As I do, I set for myself a lot of deadlines.  Right now in my life, I have no one else setting them for me, and work much better when I am working towards a deadline.  If my attitude towards the work is it will get done when its done, it will probably never get […]

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Have I Become the Enemy?

I’m wondering of late, if I have become the enemy.  The Hollywood Fringe Festival is going on, and for the Bitter Lemons website, I’ve been doing reviews.  I’ve seen about five shows now, with about as many to come this week.  I’ve seen some good, and I’ve seen some bad.  It’s always easy to talk […]

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Guest Blog: Monet Hurst-Mendoza–Age is just a number…. right?

I first met Monet Hurst-Mendoza as an intern at The Dramatists Guild.  I want to call her the sassiest intern that I have ever met, but I don’t think that would do her justice.  I’ll give you one of my favorite moments, and I hope that she’s embarrassed by this.  One of my bosses asked […]

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Oh, to spec…

It’s that time of year again.  That time to write a spec script.  Now, normally, they tell you… (you know… THEY…) that in order to break into TV right now, you write an original pilot.  Showrunners want to see what YOU would do if given a chance to make ANY TV show that would could. […]

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