Dar and Matey are coming back… if you haven’t heard already….

So. Dar and Matey. Pirates. Lovers. Adventure seekers. They’re back. Just in time for the holidays.

That’s right, Dar and Matey are back in Dar and Matey’s Christmas SpectaculARGH.

Dar and Matey travel to the North Pole to rescue their friend Professor Genius from the clutches of Santa Claus, that bastard. There is adventure, a swash and a buckle, there is love and there are FIGHTS.

Dar and Matey’s Christmas SpectaculARGH is a part of the Brick’s Fight Fest in Brooklyn. The show opens Dec. 4th and runs until Dec. 22nd. You can go HERE for tickets.

Directed by Robert Ross Parker, Artistic Director of Vampire Cowboys in New York City.

This show is funny. Funny, people. It’s Dar and Matey. Who doesn’t love Dar and Matey? Well, only the undead, but that’s who. And they can’t buy tickets.

AND, finally, FOLLOW DAR AND MATEY ON TWITTER. That’s right. Matey has got himself a twitter account. Maybe he’ll share with Dar. That’s up to them. Find them at darandmatey.

For MORE info on Fight Fest, click HERE.

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