Dar and Matey on STAGE!

So, I went to a run through last night of my short comedy The Lunar Adventures of Dar and Matey, Estuary Pirates Episode Two: Danger in 1/6 Gravity. It was awesome.

The play itself is a silly adventure romp about two pirates who have been transported to the Moon and in order to get back to the Earth have to help King Kuna Luna get his daughter back from the Terrible Titian on the Moon Tim.

Stolen Chair Theatre Company is putting it on as a part of their show The Accidental Patriot. They are putting up on their dark nights short plays that are in theme with the show.

Emily Otto, an Associate Artistic Director, asked if I would be interested in writing a show for their dark nights and I jumped. I had been working on a new play and it was giving me problems, so any opportunity to NOT work on that and work on something else was not to be missed.

I wrote it quickly and emailed it. Now…not to pat myself on the back, but I think the play is hilarious. Sometimes, though, what I think is hilarious, isn’t to others. (That’s because they are wrong…but that’s a blog for another day.)

Anyway. Deepti and I snuck into a run last night. And it WAS hilarious. The cast are having a lot of fun with this silly adventure. Serious fun. They are playing hard and it works, it really really works. It was great to see.

I hope you all get to check it out…it runs May 7th and 14th…click here for more information.

And ALSO go see Stolen Chair’s The Accidental Patriot.… I know I am…


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