Digging a hole to China…. I don’t think that’s racist…

I’ve been clearing a lot of things off my desk lately.  Not literally, of course, a man has to like his clutter and his Godzilla Christmas Tree ornament.  (Seriously, it works great…)  The things that I’ve been moving off of my desk has been projects.  I had some articles to write, a play to rewrite (and we know how THAT went), and pre-production on the film (Did I mention we’re cast?).  A lot of this is in preparation for the baby that is coming.  Getting things DONE to welcome a child into the world that we can devote our full attention to and not have some nagging thought in the background… shouldn’t I be doing something?

That’s the plan anyway.  And we know how plans go… Ok in movies they work out like 60% of the time.  Especially when Hannibal Smith is in charge.  But, I’m coming to the conclusion, I am no Hannibal Smith.

Because I keep finding projects.  Things that NEED to get done.  Things that require attention.  This is where I bring up the whole digging to China metaphor.  Have you ever tried to dig a hole to China?  I have.  Ok, that probably wasn’t my intent as a child, I probably had very little understanding of geography, and, yeah, geology, but I would dig holes.  And oddly, there’s no END to a hole.  It keeps going.

And that’s what it feels like right now.  I can’t see to be DONE.  I can’t seem to just… SEE the end of the hole.  Because the hole keeps going and going.  Projects bubble to the surface.

I have TV specs that I need to focus on.  I’ve recently agreed to act as an Associate Producer for a friend’s movie…


What the HELL am I complaining about?  Isn’t this what I SHOULD be doing?  WORKING?  (Yes, mom, dad, I’m not getting paid a whole lot.)  But I’m BUSY.  I’m meeting people.  I’m doing things in the field that I LOVE.  I’m helping others get the things THEY love done.  I hope this NEVER ends.  (Though, yes, a bigger pay check would be nice.)

I’m a little overwhelmed with the kid on the way and all of these things that need to be done…  And I forgot that what I’m doing IS important to me.  IS what I should be doing.  I SHOULD be digging that hole to China, I should always be working.

Alright… enough navel gazing… What’s Next?

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