Enthusiasm. And…

Let’s talk about enthusiasm.

I need to be enthusiastic about what I’m writing. I need to really be excited to be at the keyboard. Because, it’s a struggle sometimes. It’s been a struggle writing THIS blog. Because sometimes, I’m not enthusiastic. Ok. A LOT of the time.


It’s a funny thing… I’m a writer, but sometimes I am LOATHE to want to sit down and do the work. I would rather do 100 million other things. Already during the writing of this very blog entry, I have adjusted my iTunes, made a comment on Facebook, read a little of the Huffington Post, checked out io9.com, and looked at my email. And this hasn’t been a very long blog entry.

So. I come back to enthusiasm.


Ok. Enthusiasm… ok. You know… it means you’re excited, right? Excited to be here, for the thing you here FOR, you know… enthus–

Ok. Alright. I admit it. This was going to be about how enthusiasm about a project will be the thing that pushes you through to finish it, even though you might be the only one that believes in it, you might not be making any money (or hope to be making any money) but your excitement will put you in front of the computer and you will finish it. Enthusiasm. Get on board with it.

But, that’s not true.

Enthusiasm will get you started. It will get you ten pages down the road. But then… Enthusiasm can fade. It’s an energetic emotion and can burn itself away quickly. Enthusiasm latches itself on the next new thing.

What I need is: Determination.

That’s what’s going to get my butt in the chair in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or in the evening.

That’s what’s going to keep me going when the pages start getting harder, when things aren’t working… determination to get the pages done, to find solutions. Being determined is a long term act. It is an adjective with weight. Gravity. Momentum.

Or, maybe it’s just being stubborn.


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