Experiment… issue number 3

More notes. More ideas. From my notebook:

Thinking about the writer in Plan B. What does he write? I think he should write scifi or more specifically HP Lovecraft. I like the idea of a scifi writer in a play. And–well–I’ve known a few people who tried. And to be honest–it’s because I love scifi and if would be my heart letter. Fun titles.

How is it going to work?

and the later, I had some dialogue ideas:

“You’re just not working HARD enough.”
“You’re not taking it seriously, you just write these things and move on.”

So, the above dialogue would be TO the writer from either his wife or girlfriend. I’m still not sure. I feel like the guy should be my age. This is the time of my OWN life where I’m trying to decide: am I all in? What would my Plan B be? (Added thought: the above dialogue COULD be from a friend too…)

Again, I’m intrigued if he’s NOT the main character. If he’s not… then who is? Is this more of an ensemble piece? I think maybe so.

At this point, I’m going to start thinking, how many people DO I want in this play? I don’t want to many, makes production challenging, but then, I don’t want to few because I don’t know if that would serve the story.

What IS the story? Huh.

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