First Rehearsal!

First rehearsal last night!
It felt great getting as many people together who are a part of this show and hearing the play for the first time in a LONG time.
And, to pat myself on the back, it sounded great.
And, I know this, because I didn’t feel like throwing up. That’s the a good signal for me. If I didn’t want to hurl my cookies on the table–and what a waste that would have been, they were excellent cookies, it means the rewrites I did are pretty good.
Everyone was excited after the reading and the discussion was great.
I didn’t say much. I didn’t want to. I’ve been with this play for five years and I have certain answers to questions in my head. But I wanted to hear what others were bringing to the table.
This isn’t a vanity production.
If it was just my point of view…well…I don’t think the production, the play would be as rich, I don’t think it would be served.
The talent and the care that everyone is bringing to this production is quite thrilling.
And I am excited.
More updates later…

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