Last week. I worked pretty hard on a script. I think I rewrote it three times. So, yesterday, I took a day off. Just, a day without writing. What would that be like?

It was sorta miserable, actually. I kept thinking: oh, I need to get back to that project. Or, worse: HEY, I got a GREAT idea for a screenplay.

I hate those sorts of thoughts.

And then, I had a worse one. I thought, hey, you know, Larry, a few weeks ago, you were writing 15 pages a day to get something done, remember that? Yeah, what’s your point? Well, if you were to do that again… Again? Yeah, again, you could have a first draft of a screenplay done in a week.

I paused. What was I thinking? It’s not particularly reasonable. That idea. A screenplay in a week.

BUT, what is reasonable? A first draft of a TV spec script. In a week. My friends, I have a goal.
That’s right. A goal. But, what is important, and ACHIEVABLE goal. Maybe not. But, yeah, it’s possible. A challenging, yet achievable goal. Sometimes we miss the mark because we set a goal that is impossible. (Next week, I’m going to become famous.) But, if we set a goal that is just outside of our reach… (I’m going to get 5 auditions) then we know we just might be able to make it.


I’m going to have, by Monday morning, a first draft of a spec for Castle. One of my favorite shows. A first draft. That will be genius. Ok, scratch that last part. That might be impossible.

What goals for you this week?

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