Gr. That’s the sunRISING..? Ugh.

I’ve been seeing the sun rise a whole lot more lately.  More than I really planned on.  I don’t MIND the morning per se.  But, I like the sort of bright shining mornings where you go to breakfast with your wife and child.  Not the sort of mornings where you get up after hearing the coffee maker take off and you’re stumbling through the dark to get to the kitchen…  Those mornings… I’m not thrilled about.

But.  It’s something I’ve been having to do of late.  In order to get back into the habit of writing, in order to get back into the discipline of writing, I’ve had to make psychic space for it.  Which is something I never thought about before having a baby.  I never thought about the  mental space creativity requires.  And a smiling, screaming, charming, devil baby… that sucks up a LOT of creative space.  A LOT.

Even now, as I write this, he’s complaining… who knows about what, I mean, really, what does a 4 month old have to complain about?  I wish I had his life.  Anyway.  If he’s going to insist on not taking three to four hour naps when I want him to, that means, I have to work when he’s sure to be asleep.  At least for now.

Which means getting up at 6 am.  Before the sun comes up.  Shuffling through the apartment.  Thinking, “Wasn’t it dark when I went to bed?”  Pouring the coffee, eating the cereal and then sitting down to the computer.

I’ve been doing it for about two weeks now.  And I’ve noticed a couple of things.  Things that should be obvious.  But, I guess they weren’t.

1.  When I have a plan, ie, an idea of what scenes I want to write, I can bang them out

2. I really need to turn the internet off in the morning.  AS I AM AWAKE AT 6 AM TO WRITE WITHOUT DISTRACTION, WHY AM I DISTRACTING MYSELF.

Sigh.  Back to work.


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