I know I should write something…

Really. Seriously. I should write something. But….

Here’s my problem. And it’s a good problem to have. I have a lot of ideas. Which is great. (Oh. Just thought of another one.) The problem comes when it’s time to sit down and write. Which one? I have a LIST of things that I need to work on. Many of them should take priority. But…

See. The thing is, there is nothing more attractive than a new idea. That little sparkle of excitement. Of meeting a new idea. I think you can see where I’m going with this. I could go with the obvious metaphor, like meeting a new lover, or buying a new car, something big and shiny. Something that you can’t keep your hands off. That you just want to drive and drive (I am speaking of the car, you sickos…).

But, let’s be honest: what’s great about a new car and a new lover and a new movie, etc. etc., is that you don’t see the flaws. You only see the shiny chrome and the cool curves (now I’m talking about new lovers…) You see what’s GREAT and EXCITING… but then… yeah, the flaws become revealed…

And there’s only ONE way to find the flaws or the problems and that’s to sit down and start working with the new idea and kick the tires, take it for a ride and see where the engine knocks or where you realize that laugh, that’s an ugly little laugh… In other words, work.

So… then… that leaves one question: which idea am I gonna knock around?

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