I saw a great play the other day…

My friend, and director of Umbrella, Padraic Lillis, just recently directed a one-act called Sweet Storm for LAByrinth Theater Company.

It was a sweet story (and how often do you get to see that?) of a young couple who just got married, he’s a preacher and she is the love of his life who suffers from Polo and can’t walk anymore. The future they once thought was going to be so easy is now a whole lot harder.

It was a play in development, so they only performed it three times, with a simple set, costumes, etc. But it was so lovely to get lost within the characters desire to make everything alright, to press on with life, even in the face of everything.

And in the effort of full disclosure, I was so incredibly jealous: the writing was great. The language, the characters, the tone, was just…it was so full the work. Lush maybe the best way to describe it.

Honestly, it was great seeing a great play. Bad plays put me off. Mediocre plays put me off more–don’t just assume because you’re doing theater it’s great. But seriously, when I see work that stinks, I don’t want to go back to the theater, I don’t want to waste my time or money. I would rather watch a movie or a TV show. Or, and you can ask my wife, I have a stack of books with my name on them (scribbled in) that I should really get to.

So, I beg, just do good to great work.

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