I Twitter With Anticipation

I’ve joined Twitter.

That’s right, I have entered into 2010. I would say I’ve entered into the 21st Century, but lets be honest, things things move to quickly to be measured by centuries, or even decades. Twitter is of the moment.

The cynics might say, well, that’s all it is. Twitter is about our shallow, minor thoughts. What can you really capture of substance in 140 characters? Twitter is another example our our shrinking ability to communicate something meaningful. I mean, come on, do we REALLY need another way to talk about our favorite shoes?

And all of that might be true…

….if that’s what Twitter was about.

I suspect Twitter isn’t really about communicating deep thoughts, is that what blogs are for? Twitter is about connection. In a faster and immediate way that Facebook–sorry Facebook, you are SOOOO 2009. Twitter is about sharing an experience, or asking a question of your favorite writer or actor (Seth Green, I’m still waiting for a tweet back, dude.) It’s about shouting out to your friends, I exist, let’s do pizza here, and then attaching the twitpic.

It’s about participating in the larger conversation out there. In some way, it’s one of the more democratic forms of communication. People follow you, and if you’re tweeting well (I don’t know what that means) more people will follow you. If you follow someone, they might follow you back (Seth, seriously, man, follow me back.) Everyone has a chance to participate…. learn to use those # tags…

No doubt, it is a tool to market yourself… for whatever reason… ego, you’re a writer (hello)… you have a show coming up, or a movie… But it’s also a way for us to connect, and to do it immediately.

Of course there is the downside… it’s public. You may not see the eyes, but the eyes are there. People read what you write. People form opinions about what you write, what you show… Imagine you’re in a large public space, now what would you say or do? Because that’s what Twitter is, the largest public space you can imagine, times…. Well, how big is the internet?

This noob is on Twitter… until the next cool thing (which I’m sure will come out next month.)

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