I’m Getting Rid of My Bundle of Kent…

So…as long time readers of this blog might remember…I have a syndrome. But to catch up those long time readers…I’ll explain…so you don’t have to read again.

I have what’s called WPW Syndrome. Basically, the heart has an electrical system that regulates the beating of the heart. I have an extra one…and according to Wikipedia (i know, i know) it’s called the Bundle of Kent. This Bundle sometimes takes over, throws the whole shebang out of whack and the heart starts beating rapidly. Very rapidly. Basically, no speed control.

I had another little incident a few weeks ago…it lasted a little bit to long, alright, it lasted 8 hours. 8 hours of a racing heart I think will get to any one. And some where in the back of my head a thought popped in…hey, maybe I should go back to my heart doctor get this Bundle of Kent zapped.

And so. I have. Well. Not the zapping part. Not yet. That’s in about a month.

Basically, I’ll be sedated, thank you, and they will insert a catheter into my femoral artery…that be in the leg for those keeping score, and send little wires up to my heart. While I’m sedated, thank you very much, these wires will poke around and the Kind Doctor will start my arrhythmia…in order to find my Bundle of Kent.

And once located…zap. And I’m cured. All while I’m sedated, thank very very much.

It’s an over night stay at the LOVELY Mid-town hospital of Mt. Sinai.

Anyway…I’ll let you all in on a little secret…even though I’m showing a bit of bravado…I’m a wee bit nervous.

More info as it comes…

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