It’s happening again…but isn’t that a good thing in this economy?

It looks like I will be writing another Pakistani TV serial. I know you are all fans of my TV work in Pakistan and follow it closely…er, um, yeah.

I just met with someone yesterday and he wants me to do another one. 10 to 15 episodes and based on some English language novel. Something before copyright laws. Something that has romance, a good story, wholesome–did they write unwholesome stories in the 19th Century? Probably, but they don’t teach those in English class.

I have to admit though, I’m a little nervous taking on such a project. I have a few other things that I’m working on AND a full time job. I have two spec scripts I’m working on, a show, and a play I’m hoping to return to.

That’s the thing with the TV serial job…it’s a LOT of work in a very short amount of time, basically 4 months to write a 700 page script by myself. And it’s not just sitting down and going, it does require a wee bit of planning.

And it’s hard to turn down the job…I would be paid to write. And that’s a hell of a lot of fun. It’s more fun when it’s ALL that I’m doing, but I currently have a day job I like doing to, so I’m not willing to throw it over board yet.

The first thing to do: what story do we look at. And it’s funny, the other day I was saying I wanted to read all of Charles Dickens…

…I shouldn’t complain…and I AM going to take it…but holy crap I’m going to be busy…how am I going to find the time to watch TV?

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