I’ve come up with another great excuse not to write!

It’s a perfect excuse!

I’m preparing to send out invites for my show! It’s publicity! Of course I can’t take the time to work…it’s a lot of work to get the letters written, the resumes printed, the labels put on envelopes.

There’s just NOOO time to get that stuff called writing done. Nope. Not a lick of time. Because I have got to get the show advertised.

You know…that show called Umbrella. (www.AlchemyTheatre.org for tickets…)


Alright. I know. It’s a poor excuse, really isn’t it?

The sad thing is how aware I am of it, but then I keep making them. I admit it, it’s sometimes hard for me to just sit and write…especially at the beginning of something…or if I’m rewriting something I haven’t touched in months.

Sometimes, it’s just about the momentum.

I used to roll my eyes at the idea of writing every day…I used to think…nah…it’s no fun, I need to write when I feel like it.

I was young and stupid.

You DO need to write every day, you need to write if you want to get better, if you want to make this your career…it is about momentum and not waiting for some sort of Muse or when I feel like it. It’s writing because that’s what you do, not because it’s a hobby.

Ugh. I suppose I should write something. Man…that’s what I get for listening to my advice.

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