Jury Duty #2


I might be on a case. ARGH.

It’s a case against the city, some guy who worked for the city tripped over something, or…whatever…who knows yet…and now he’s suing. Suing for, probably, a life time of money.

We got called up from a central room to a smaller room and they drew names. And then they started eliminating people. “Have you ever worked for the city?” A few raise their hands. Dismissed. “Anyone been involved in a case like this or maybe know someone that has?” Dismissed.

One woman said that she’s unemployed and through a long trial she would only be thinking about not having a job. Dismissed.


Why didn’t I think of a great excuse?

I’m giving truthful answers…which maybe the problem…but I’m also being grumpy–again, truthful–and I’m sorta staring down the Attorney representing the plaintiff. I’m hoping he thinks, “This guy doesn’t like me…” Which is rapidly becoming the truth. He’s droning on and on.

We haven’t even gotten questioned by the City’s Attorney…we’re on a lunch break now.

I have got to figure out a way to make him think I dislike him too…

Then, I bet I’ll be off the case.

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