Almost done, almost done, so close, almost done.

I’m running a marathon.

And no, it’s not the Battlestar Galactica marathon my wife and I have been doing. It wasn’t smart to do, but, we finished last night at about 1 am…. finishing the show.

No, I’m talking about the Pakistani TV serial. THAT is almost done. I’ve been working on it sense… man… September? I think. Things have become blurry. My eyes ache this morning. Yes, actually ache–though, it could be the Battlestar Galactica marathon…. or the 100s of hours I have spent at my computer. The point is, my eyes ache.

I’m writing a 20 part serial, each episode is about 40 minutes, so, about about 40 pages. That’s a lot of pages.

In a desperate bid to finally finish it up–they start shooting in a couple of weeks, I find that I have to write about 15 pages a day. That’s a lot of pages.

But, it’s not about the pages. I would like to think that marathon runners don’t think about the miles… Do they? That would drive me crazy if I was a marathon runner… just 3 more to go, 2 more to go….

I imagine they get into a groove and just do it. They set their body to the task and go. Like and arrow from a bow…

This is, of course, coming from some one that doesn’t really run…. I was jogging for awhile. But, jogging is going in circles at a set pace… that’s not running…. it’s walking faster.

This is what’s going on in my body as I near the finish line:

My eyes ache. There’s a dull ache around the eyes, so, probably eye strain.
My shoulders and lower back. Sore, tight. Like rocks. I’m hunching. Leaning into the computer, maybe I could push the words out faster.
My legs. YES, my legs. I’m just sitting at my desk, but my legs, specifically at my hips, hurt. It’s stiffness, cramping.
My fingers. One of the reasons I’m writing this is to warm up my fingers. I’ve already written a page, but my fingers moved across the keyboard so slowly… Gotta warm them up.
My brain. It’s fuzzy. Foggy. Losing touch with what the show is about and thinking about all the other projects that I need to attend to.

But, aches and pains and fuzziness aside, I got to get this done. It’s so close. I’ll sleep next week. I’ll let my brain relax next week. Life can begin again… next week.
What was your biggest marathon? Comments below….

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