More pages… unhappy ones…

More pages.
Experiment Pages 3

The thing is… I don’t know if I like this direction. It’s VERY talky. Which of course, I recognize, it’s a play. Of course it’s going to be a little talky. But, the problem… and it’s because I’m still at the beginning, it feels very flat. It feels… like patter. The dialogue. The scenes. It’s patter. This isn’t to say I’m not figuring things out, but, I’m wondering if this is the best way… that Jimmy is a character in it. That we’ve had realistic/naturalistic scenes. Maybe that’s not the way.

Yesterday, I really hated the pages that I’ve already posted. Started hating the idea. That’s recovered somewhat. But. Still. I’m beginning to recognize a little bit of the trouble of this idea. Who cares if a writer stops writing? Especially if the writer doesn’t? But, again, that’s not the theme of the play, that’s not what the play is really about… it’s about dreams. It’s about what do you want to be? And why that’s important. And then there’s the question of stakes? What’s at stake? For the characters? For the writer?

I need to think this through some more. I still think the idea is good. Even if the pages suck. (ok. they don’t suck. They just aren’t… I’m not feeling them.)

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