In a few weeks, I’m heading into rehearsals for my play…Umbrella.

Poster to the left. It’s pretty cool.

I have to admit I’m a little nervous. Because…it’s an Off-Broadway show.

Off-Broadway! I hear you scream. And then…silence.

Off-Broadway? What’s that mean?

It means the kind of contract the theater company has with Equity Actor’s Association to pay their actors, the size of the budget for the show, the amount for a ticket, and where the reviews are put into the paper.

It’s kind of a big deal.

It’s also scary as all hell. Scary because my play is being paid for by someone else’s money. Because people are going to be paying a lot more for a ticket than they have for before for a show of mine.

Deep down, I know this is a good play and there are talented people on board. So, I shouldn’t be nervous.

But I am. Because I keep thinking about what happens AFTER the show…

I am taking a few steps to mitigate that nervousness.

1. I’m working on another project or two. The major rewrites are done, I may tweak here and there, but, I’m done. So, I’m turning my creative self to something else.

2. I’m not going to read any reviews. Not until after the show opens.

3. I’m going to enjoy rehearsals.

4. And I’m going to talk and sell this show to everyone I know. I want butts in the seats. I’m proud of the work others and myself have done. People need to see this show.

That said. Still nervous. But excited.

SO. Come and see my show. Umbrella. It previews April 11, opening night is April 15th, closing is May 4th.

Go to for more info!

Or turn to this blog…I’ll tell you more as more happens.

Now. It’s finally snowed in New York City.
It’s probably going to melt in about 5 hours.
So, I’m going to go play in it while I can.

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