New news…A reading…

Hello everyone…

This year seems to be rolling a head in a very productive way.

On Saturday, May 31st, a short play of mine, Some Mixed Signals, will be read along with other one acts as a part of the Manhattan Theatre Source’s new Writers Forum, of which I am a member.

The reading is Saturday, May 31st, at 3:30 at the Theatre Source located at 177 MacDougal Street (between 8th and Waverly Place.) And of course, it’s free.

The other writers are going to be Elizabeth Urello, Pamela Yaco, and Bill McMahon. Great writers all, it should be a fun time.

The Theatre Source started the Writers Forum a few months ago, meeting on a weekly basis, in order to create a home for writers and to ultimately have a source for material to go into production. The exciting thing for me is to have a theater associated with a writing group. It’s important to realize for WHAT we are writing (the stage) and that it is not just happening in a vacuum (the stage is RIGHT next door to our room.) We hear people rehearsing, we see audience go into the theater. It’s a powerful reminder.

We don’t write in a vacuum, we don’t write for our desk drawers.

We write for us and for the audience to come.

So: come check out the readings, soon public readings will be a part of the Writers Forum, and later workshops and productions will follow…

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