Out in the Wilderness: Writing a Pakistani TV movie part 2

Seriously, what am I writing?

That’s the general response I get from people when I tell them. Yes. A TV movie for Pakistan.

Oh. You mean…WHAT am I writing? As in, what’s it about?

Right. Well. It’s a family drama of an affair that I think is going to end badly. Basically: a young woman arrives in America after the death of her father, to come and live with her sister and her husband. The young woman begins an affair with the husband and the results are tragic.

How tragic? I’m not so sure. But pretty tragic.
How do they start their affair? I’m not so sure…but it should be pretty romantic, until, well, it becomes tragic.

Love the details, don’t you?

The story is going to be told from three different points of view, each time from the beginning. So we’re going to be playing with narrative. And playing with narrative is a tricky thing. If you gonna do it, you should do it for good reasons. Don’t just muck around because you can, it won’t serve you, and it will only serve to confuse the audience. And that’s like, you know, the LAST thing you want.

So, we’re mucking around with the narrative. We’re doing it to show truths behind the lies, motivations and behaviors may mean something else, etc.

Oh, I really hope we’re not mucking around for no good reason.

Since it’s being told from three different points of view, I’ve decided to change my method (or madness) a little bit. I’m writing all three pieces at the same time. I was afraid that if I just wrote it straight through, then I would repeat myself in the following sections, or contrive reasons to not repeat myself. But, if I write all three parts at the same time, then I can really give each main character their own strong point of view and really make them individual.

I think it’ll work. It seems like it will work. It should work.

Yeah. I think it’s going to work.

next time: part three? Really…there’s more?

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