Public Experiment in Playwriting…

I had a thought last week… What would it be like to work on a play publicly? I started thinking about this because… Ok. See, I’m a writer. And I have a TON of plays and scripts and all that sort of stuff. I read as many as I can. Some are good, some are bad, some are GREAT. Now… as a reader, I’m always seeing the END product. I don’t get to see where the play came from, I don’t see HOW the playwright made decisions they were making, I don’t get to see HOW a play takes it’s form.

We talk about it in the abstract. How to Write X books talk about character, talk about structure, etc, etc, etc. (How many how to writing books do I have? 24. No joke.) But that’s like building a Ford Mustang when the directions are just talking about Car. You should see how a Ford Mustang is built, ya know?

So, I want to see, from the beginning to the end, how someone writes a play. They may do things differently than I do. They may make decisions that I wouldn’t agree with. But, there’s stuff I can learn.

Is anyone doing that? I don’t know. So, I decided to do it myself.

Last week on Facebook and on I posted the idea to see what people think. Most expressed concern. A few said, don’t do it. Another few said, that’s interesting, do it.

Here we are then. Day 1. Page 1. Or really, the notes/scribbles phase.

What you will be reading below is transcribed from my notes that I wrote yesterday in my journal.

I was thinking–alright, pouting and I had a thought about a play–what if you decided to give up on your dream? Something you had been working on, something, like writing–you just said–you know what–I’m done. What would happen? if I stopped writing–if I just decided enough was enough–I know everyone would doubt that. Would they and [sic] convince me–you’ll go back. Don’t give up on it. But isn’t that more about them than me? But what about me? I don’t any other hobbies (is this a hobby?). What would I DO. What about Deepti? “It’s a narcissistic if you to quit.” “It’s narcissistic of me to decide something for myself?” “yes.”

Two through occur to me: I feel like the man who decides it either isn’t in it or he’s not the main character. Two: I think it’ll be funny that the play I write publicly will be about quitting writing. And yes–I think it should be that. Quitting the written word.

Now. I do want to say: this isn’t a plea for help. I’m not quitting writing. I’m just intrigued about someone who has created their identity around one thing, who chooses to ditch it. For whatever reason.

Right now, I’m going to call it: Plan B.

Now. My goal is to work on it every few days, but at the VERY least, put up SOMETHING once a week. These will be notes. Dialogue ideas (like the one above. NO, Deepti did not say that to me.) Characters. On and on and on. In a very public way. Eventually, I’ll be putting up whole scenes and finally, drafts.

(Now, I know some of you are thinking: but what if someone tries to steal your work? Well. Guess what? Copyright. Steal it and pay for it later. As far as my idea, well, sadly, ideas aren’t copyrightable. And I have more. But, don’t steal more work.)

I encourage you, and I really hope you do, post your thoughts. About the work. About what I’m doing right. Or wrong. Or writing exercises. I’m game. And I hope you are too.

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