Rewriting. I made a misstep.

Alright. So. I’m back to work on an original spec pilot. An idea for TV. Something I have to work on to show people that I can write for TV. I want it to be good. No, wait. I want it to be FANTASTIC. I want it to be so GREAT, there’s no reason NOT to want to hire me.

I’ve been working on this script for a while now. I think I’ve done about twelve drafts. Or more. (I say that, because do I really want to be working on draft 13?)

Back at it again. I’ve sent it out to a couple of friends and I’ve gotten similar notes, which means, those notes are right.

I began reworking this weekend. And reworking. And thinking. AND making notes. I was gonna tear it up, yeah, I was going to kick the ASS of the next draft. But what happened?

I went the ….

That’s right.

In an effort to make something AWESOME, I thought I had to redo the DNA of the piece. And while I thought I was scared, it was a much easier choice to do. Because it was a lot of dumb busy work. Change this, change that. But, I wasn’t making it better. I was just making it different.

I needed to clarify and strengthen, but what I was doing hanging up new posters over the holes in the wall. Which is easy to do. Rather than really sitting and figuring it out, I’d rather cover it up. Which, of course, I didn’t realize I was doing that until this morning.

But, I did have a warning sign. I wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t have the warm, buzzing feeling in my gut. But, I thought it was because I was tired.

Always be thrilled. Always have the warm buzzing feeling in your gut. In other words: trust your instinct, but back it up with hard work.

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