Ridiculous Inventions…. #1 Circadian Lighting System.

In an attempt to maintain my creativity, as I enter into the most uncreative fields… TV writing… (just kidding) I have taken it upon myself to create useful… but perhaps a wee bit ridiculous inventions. A couple of rules. 1. They must serve some purpose for the greater good of all humanity… 2. They have to fulfill some obscure greater good of humanity.

I would like to introduce you to the Circadian Lighting System.The Circadian Lighting System would feature a single lighting fixture on a single track that moves from one side of the room to the other, slowly, in pace with the rotation of the Earth, in order to simulate the movement of the Sun. This to maintain the biological clock for those who don’t want to, or are unable to, leave the house… But want all the benefits of the Sun moving across the sky.

We live in a very modern age, some might call it, the Electric Light Bulb Age, where we have replaced fire with light any time and any where we want it. But this ability comes with consequences. We interupt our natural body clocks. Which of course, must be important. So… there.

Get that natural feeling of the day passing with the Circadian Lighting System.

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