Speeding towards the big finish

I’m working on a new play. It’s a big play and it’s not following a…well…a dramatic structure. In a lot of ways, it’s more novelistic. It’s the stuff that’s happening in between two events. Whereas a dramatic thing writes a little faster, we’re heading towards a climax, the character may get what they want, etc, etc. This one, this novelistic one, is taking it’s time, it’s moving slower in it’s development.

…but wait, didn’t I just say that I’m speeding towards the big finish?

Yes. I have a reading on Sunday, and I want to get this puppy totally written. Even if it’s bad, I want it to be done and done.

It’s that time of year when you look back AND look forward…

I’ve written quite a bit this year…I reworked a play in production, I did a draft of an old play, I’m writing a draft of a new play, I wrote a short play, and I wrote a screenplay for a tele-film (coming to a pakistani TV network in your area…) AND, I’ve co-written stuff with my friend Mozz….he and I worked on a screenplay together…

That’s a lot of pages.

Which is good.

So, what about next year. I want to write AT LEAST the amount I’ve written this year. Not sure what though. I’ve toyed with only writing comedies. That could be fun. Or just doing adaptations.

Not sure. Must ponder.

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