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The Afearing of Mr. Bibbles… a short play for Halloween

Recently, I finished a short play.  I was asked to submit for a festival here in LA.  Sadly, they have chosen to pass on it.  Their loss is YOUR gain.  I give you my newest short play, The Afearing of Mr. Bibbles.  A lot of people are afraid of clowns.  One such person is the hero […]

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Dealing with imagined rejection…

For me the hardest part of writing isn’t the rejection.  It’s what to do in the face of rejection.  Imagined or otherwise. Lately, I have been going on general meetings out in LA land.  This is great.  It’s fun.  I LOVE driving onto a lot in LA.  It’s like that moment at the end of […]

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Guest Blog: Jeff Goode–A Season of All Original Work

I’ve known Jeff for years… we both come from a No Shame background… No Shame, as Jeff will talk about, was a sort of open mic thing for theater people at the University of Iowa.  Every Friday night, new material was put up–most times, script in hand.  As a young playwright/performer it was an invaluable education in […]

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Down The Memory Hole

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the past.  About MY past.  It’s not dark and grim, I’m not having to review what someone did to me.  I’ve lived in a bunch of different places and done a bunch of different things.  (Don’t worry, this will come back to writing… some how… I hope.)  This past weekend, […]

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Experiment… issue number 3

More notes. More ideas. From my notebook: Thinking about the writer in Plan B. What does he write? I think he should write scifi or more specifically HP Lovecraft. I like the idea of a scifi writer in a play. And–well–I’ve known a few people who tried. And to be honest–it’s because I love scifi […]

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