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Sometimes the instructions are missing…

(Ok.  First.  It’s been awhile.   I fell out of habit with this.  I have a good excuse.  I just had my first baby.  Which is great.  But, WOW… a baby takes a lot of attention.  Attention away from other things… like writing, writing a blog, watching Arrow on the CW.  All sorts of things.  Things […]

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A TWOFER: I need a Win and Why I’m Not Writing right now… except for this blog

Alright.  Since it’s been some time since I’ve blog about my own needy life, I’m going to do a twofer.  One will be a bit self indulgent, so, yeah, maybe skip over that, and the other… that one is about writing process. I Need A Win That’s how I’m feeling lately.  I need a win. […]

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Guest Blog: Sigrid Gilmer–Harry & the Thief & Me

 I BRIEFLY met Sigrid at the Katselas Theatre Company’s Playlab, of which we are both members.  But I feel like I REALLY met her when I watch Harry & The Thief, an action film/historical/time travel play about Harriet Tubman.  I walked in not knowing much about the show and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. […]

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Guest Blog: Owen Thomas–From Wales to the Hollywood Fringe

 I only know Owen really through his play Richard Parker and a brief hello afterwards, followed by emailing back and forth about doing a blog for me…  I has seen his play as a part of my duties as reviewer for this past years Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Now, I’ve done my fair share of Fringe producing, […]

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Outline Schmoutline

I’m working on an outline or two for upcoming original pilots.  It’s not something that I’m very good about doing.  Or at times think I’m very GOOD at doing.  But it’s something that I have to do.  Or at least a friend of mine said I have to do.  And, yeah, I believe him.   […]

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