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Dealing with imagined rejection…

For me the hardest part of writing isn’t the rejection.  It’s what to do in the face of rejection.  Imagined or otherwise. Lately, I have been going on general meetings out in LA land.  This is great.  It’s fun.  I LOVE driving onto a lot in LA.  It’s like that moment at the end of […]

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Sometimes the instructions are missing…

(Ok.  First.  It’s been awhile.   I fell out of habit with this.  I have a good excuse.  I just had my first baby.  Which is great.  But, WOW… a baby takes a lot of attention.  Attention away from other things… like writing, writing a blog, watching Arrow on the CW.  All sorts of things.  Things […]

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Guest Blog: Brad Bauner–Outline

I’ve known Brad for a few years now.  He and I met in a TV writing class in New York City.  And he’s done it.  He’s a working TV writer.  And that alone is why you should listen to him.  Another good reason: he’s right.  Now, I have always resisted outlining (though I’m coming around […]

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Outline Schmoutline

I’m working on an outline or two for upcoming original pilots.  It’s not something that I’m very good about doing.  Or at times think I’m very GOOD at doing.  But it’s something that I have to do.  Or at least a friend of mine said I have to do.  And, yeah, I believe him.   […]

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Oh, to spec…

It’s that time of year again.  That time to write a spec script.  Now, normally, they tell you… (you know… THEY…) that in order to break into TV right now, you write an original pilot.  Showrunners want to see what YOU would do if given a chance to make ANY TV show that would could. […]

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