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Guest Blog: Eric Loo-The Rules are the Same (or Writer’s Amnesia)

Here we are again.  Another guest blog entry.  And I’m very excited about this one.  This one is from a NEW writing friend, Eric Loo.  He is a fellow member of the Playwrights Union.  Recently, he and I were out and about in lovely West Hollywood, to chat.  I was struggling with a new spec […]

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Wrote a play last week. How did that happen?

I was there. I shouldn’t be surprised. But, I kind of am. Because, frankly, it was HARD. It was HARD to write a play. I hadn’t written one in over a year. Been mostly focusing on writing TV specs and a web script. And those are very different beasts. They require a different way of […]

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CopLawyerDoctor show

On Friday, I had a meeting. I’ve been having them lately. They feel good. It means people are liking my work. Which is always a great compliment. These meetings have been with executives, in preparation for the development cycle. At least, I suspect. In essence, I think these meetings have been about seeing whether or […]

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Burn. Out.

I think I’m facing something that I don’t want to face. And I’m not even sure if it’s true. I’ve written a lot of pages in the year since I’ve moved to LA. A LOT of pages. And not all of them have sucked. Which is good. But… man… these past weeks… trying to write […]

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Back patting…

It’s hard to do, but I’m going to do it. I’ve been working on a new spec. Another original idea (always be writing). I talked with my manager about the idea for the show, which she liked, and which I love, but then, with the actual PLOT of the first story, she wasn’t so enthusiastic. […]

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