The experiment continues…

I’ve been thinking about the play.

I agree, maybe it shouldn’t have Jimmy (or whatever his name will be) the writer in it. One of the reasons I’m writing it, sometimes, when things are hard as a writer, you complain, and your friends say “Just stick to it! Don’t quit!” like your success is important to them (and it is, but, in a different way). So, in a way, the play is about the decision, not about the writer. And him being in it… I feel like it becomes the elephant in the room, the pretty flame, of course, you have to write HIS story… but, no. I don’t. So. Done and done. He’s out of the play. For the most part.

AND, another thought… man, it’s hard to write a play in stops and starts. I’ve lost a little bit of focus. Coming to it, going away, I’ve lost a little bit of creative pressure. Which sucks. I don’t NOT want to write a play. But, I’m an easily distracted writer. I really am. The internet is the most brutal. Followed by TV.

That said, the biggest reason I’m distracted: I’m not sure what my entry point is for this play. Once I’m in a project, I can write the pages. I can put the distractions aside. But, until then…

So. A goal. Figure out who the characters are that I’m going to work with and find and entry point into this thing. A shape, a spine, whatever.

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