Vintage Blog The View #3

he View From My Apartment 3

So, I promised in my next blog that I would come back with good news.

And so…I bring you good news.

I finished episode 8 of 13 for my TV series I am writing for Pakistan, so I am more than half way done. In fact, I can count the remaining episodes on one hand. Its been a strange and rocky road writing for a series that will be made halfway around the world, rather than the whole way around the world, because, well, because that would be New York, if it was all the way around. I think itll turn out pretty good, and Ive learned a whole lotlike its hard, really hard to do this…but it has allowed me to do other things.

I worked out yesterday. I did. My wife and I are determined to reinvest in our commitment to going to the gym, they are taking our money anyway, I should go and sweat there, and be the ass who doesnt wipe off his machine. And, Ive lost two pounds…

I am successfully selling some comic books. Those that live near me have already heard the question, Do you want to buy some comics? from me…Im sure many of you, and you are out there, had to resist the temptation to catch up on back issues on Batman, Superman, the Hulk and of course, Aquaman. I have turned to the internet and the joy that is EBay. My father is a little sad to hear that Im selling them at a ridiculous rate, but then, the point is to get rid of them…those delicious, sweet tales of heroism that so engaged me in my youth, that of course, have significantly devalued over the years. But I AM selling them, so it still goes into the good news part of the graph.

I had a great time with my friends Tommy and Jud this past weekend. Wives went out to dance, as the men stayed home and ate meat. Yes. Meat. Sausage. Chicken. And cheese. From a can. And we drank. Oh, yes, did we drink. Things with Vodka in them. And oh, yes, we smoked. Yes, we did. Jud was very kind and provided tobacco products for his friends who just love their Nico-Queen…

I had a massage on Friday. For our one year anniversary, my wife, wonderful soul that she is, gave me a massage. Well. I mean to say, she bought me a massage at a health clinic. So, Friday, after getting some work done, I headed to the health clinic in Mid-town Manhattan, got undressed and got a rub down. The woman was kind and only hurt me a little bit…she worked the muscles that had more recently decided to masquerade as bone…she worked those out. However, Im sad to say, though relieved, she did not massage my Psoas.

And finally, I have good news to reportTom DeLay must remain on the ballot in Texas…good luck with that Write In campaign Republicans! This is an example of many foolish things that are happening in the political races this fall–I’m sure the level of Absurdity will increase as we near the elections. My only hope–all incumbents lose. I honestly want everyone to be thrown out–Republican and Democrat alike.

And while this isn’t good news, I do want to say this. While I have never been a big fan of Lieberman, I never did get on board with the Joe-Mentum campaign, I’m a little annoyed at Democratic Party members telling him to stop running. This is a democracy, he’s on the ticket, he can run. Yes, maybe he’s a sore loser, and yes, maybe he will steal votes away from Ned Lamont. But guess what, it’s a democracy, and there is no law saying how many people can run.

And perhaps with 3 candidates, well, there’s probably more, but how votes for the Libertarians?, with 3 candidates, perhaps we will get more than just party rhetoric, perhaps people will ACTUALLY have a choice.

I think it’s unAmerican–I can’t believe I just wrote that–to tell someone NOT to run for something, because you are afraid of losing.

Is your candidate SO bad that you have to stop competition?

If you are going to run for office you have to accept the fact that you might win or lose. Losing is a part of Democracy as winning. But the point is to win on your ideas, your passion, not by narrowing the pond (mixing metaphors, damn you).

We find ourselves in a polarized society, and I think that has happened because we seem to be breaking things down to yes/no… withus/againstus… black/white… we are decreasing the level of discussion rather than increasing it.

Honestly, if I lived in Connecticut, I probably wouldn’t vote for Lieberman, but, again, honestly, I don’t know him very well. So, perhaps I would. I certainly think he should have the right to run, just like Lamont, that Republican…hell…even that Libertarian…but who is going to vote for him?

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