Well. I’m moving.

It’s been decided and it’s been put into affect.

I’m moving.

To Los Angeles.

The movers today took all of our furniture and so I’m sitting in a bare apartment. I’m hunched in a corner typing on a milk crate, sitting on the floor. So, it’s really hit me: I’m moving.

We didn’t make this decision lightly, but, we didn’t make it with our heads. Certainly the idea of quitting a job that was pretty good, working with people that I liked, meeting astounding people (I’m looking at you Edward Albee), leaving a place I like to live for…well, let’s just say, we have a good feeling about it.

We’re moving to Los Angeles because I want to write for TV. And that’s just insane.

Now, I think I’m talented, I have some friends, I have a manager, but to chuck a job, a home aside for an incredibly tough field to get into? That’s the insane part.

Like I said, we didn’t think we our heads, but with our passions.

I’m passionate about writing, I’m passionate about creating, and so…

We’re moving.

(I promise to do a better job at blogging. It should be a pretty exciting summer… We’re driving across the country, moving and making a six week trip to India and Singapore, all in the next three months. So, it should be good.)

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