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My first serial….

As I near finishing my 3rd serial, the promo for my first…

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A Happy Birthday Wish to me… and Seth Green.

On this day… a few years ago…. This man: And this… man… Were born. On the same day. And year. It’s like they were separated at birth. Almost interchangable… A love for Star Wars. Styling clothes. And of course… the ladies just can’t get enough of them… Which one is Seth? Which one is Larry? […]

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Superman Classic … a new cartoon.

Just want to give a quick shout out. A totally fun fan film. The guy that did it, works for Disney Animation, but did this in his spare time. It’s fun, hand drawn animation–with some computer assist.

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Almost done, almost done, so close, almost done. I’m running a marathon. And no, it’s not the Battlestar Galactica marathon my wife and I have been doing. It wasn’t smart to do, but, we finished last night at about 1 am…. finishing the show. No, I’m talking about the Pakistani TV serial. THAT is almost […]

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