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Guest Blog: Robert Ross Parker-How To Piss People Off In The Theatre

I’m mixing up the Guest Blog this week.  This week it’s Robert Ross Parker.  Most of what he does is direct.  He’s the director and co-artistic director of Vampire Cowboys, which produces new works of theater using action/adventure and a comic book aesthetic.  In other words: awesome.  He and playwright Qui Nguyen have been collaborators for […]

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Guest Blog: Mac Rogers–The Fundamental Contradiction

I am a fan of Mac Rogers.  I met him in New York City, while we both working at The Manhattan Theatre Source.  He’s a smart, kind, self-depreciating guy (as you’ll read) who is IMMENSELY talented.  He’s a really good writer.  One of my favorite plays is his adaptation of Karl Capek’s R.U.R. (another favorite play) […]

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Guest Blog: Amy Tofte–My Writing Secret Weapon

Here we are again.  This time it’s playwright Amy Tofte, a fellow Hawkeye… ok, I don’t really care about the mascot from the University of Iowa.  Amy and I met years ago at the University of Iowa, while we were both studying the theatre arts… say it that way, and it sounds like MAGIC.  We have […]

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Down The Memory Hole

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the past.  About MY past.  It’s not dark and grim, I’m not having to review what someone did to me.  I’ve lived in a bunch of different places and done a bunch of different things.  (Don’t worry, this will come back to writing… some how… I hope.)  This past weekend, […]

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