An Addendum: Who are we writing for?

Who are we, as playwrights, writing for?

Ideally, ourselves and an audience.

But, I think in reality: the intern. The intern who has the task of first reading the plays, grading them, making notes, and then they are passed up and depending on those grades perhaps read by someone in authority.

I know this to be true, because I have BEEN that intern. I have had to read through stacks and stacks of plays, put my comments on them and pass them along, and from my write up (my opinion) it may or may not move forward.

I know it’s impossible for the Literary Manager to read everything, there are just so many people out there who want to be playwrights (which constantly surprises me) submitting work.

But the real gatekeepers…are the interns. Be nice to the intern.

(Also–for those playwrights out there who haven’t interned, I would recommend it…being on the other side of the table, see how playwrights submit work…you learn a lot.)

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